Summer BBQ’s

I think you will agree with me here, I know for sure the highlight of my summer is eating al fresco with friends; the sunny nights we have longed for are thankfully fast approaching, in the past on the first glimmer of sunshine I have been keen to scramble to my smartphone and Google ‘BBQ venues in Dublin’

Just to feel that warm sunshine on my skin and cold beverage in hand, let’s face it folks it has been a long winter!!

The BBQ smell is super inviting and my gym session will be on hold for the day! Lingering over the array of food and finding myself spoilt for choice, the hardest part is choosing between the Wild boar burgers, apple compote, watercress slaw, brioche roll or the Piri Piri textures of roast chicken, compressed mango and ponzu salsa!!

If this meatfeast hasn’t tantalized your taste buds then maybe the vegetarian Tofu burger will!

Check out our BBQ Menu or our Street Food Menu!

We are currently taking bookings for summer BBQ’s, so why not grab your colleagues, flip flops and sunhat and head to our outdoor podium area. 

Susan O'Connell, Sales Executive 


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