Evening Events with added value

When I was young my mother brought home an Argos catalogue from the UK, long before Argos existed on these shores. It had pages and pages of fabulous toys and I used it as my point of reference for many Santa letters in the years there after.  

I was reminded of this when our Operations Manager Sean Curtis announced that we would be investing in our furniture/ coffee stations/ pod tables for our meeting and events at Aviva Stadium at the beginning of the year. 

Much like the Santa letters of my youth, we carefully looked through www.hireall.ie website and created our “wish- list” of pod tables/ soft furnishings….. dance floors! Hire All met with us, reviewed our selections, made alternative suggestions based on their experiences. 

Our selections were based on what we felt would enhance the experience along with our inspirational backdrop and delicious food offerings-  We wanted to add value to our guests experience. 

Delivery, of course, felt like Christmas morning and now we are the proud owners of; 

  • White lounge furniture 
  • Glass coffee tables 
  • LED lit up pod tables (a personal favourite) 
  • Black and white dance floor 

All these items and more are available for your next evening event at Aviva Stadium. 

Thank you to Hire All for your help and range of fabulous products that made writing our furniture Santa list so easy! 


Leah Gunn,

Sales and Marketing Manager, Aviva Stadium 

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