Venue Life vs Agency Life

Sarah Cullen joined the Aviva Stadium sales team in January 2017, having worked in an agency for over two years. Having now settled in over the last six months, we asked her, what is the difference between venue life and agency life.

Here's what she had to say: 

"Having recently made the switch from agency to venue I have seen the difference in the working environment. Working with an agency allows the person to be creative and push the boundaries as to what they can achieve, while working in venue we know what is realistic as to what is possible. What I have enjoyed learning so far is: 

EXPERTISE We here at Aviva Stadium  are experts in the venue. Knowing what works in each space allows you to help clients figure out what will enhance their event and allow you to collaborate with the client and advise them on what will work for them. This might be room capacity, catering ideas or where they can get the best location for their branding, we work alongside our clients to help them create a strong event. This allows the client more time to focus on other elements of the event.

TRENDS Overseeing so many events come through the venue allows us to hear ideas and trends that may be on the rise. Whether this is technological with the involvement of apps or eye catching branding ideas, it is great to see the venue transformed into something new every day. It allows us in the venue to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the events industry.

COLLEAGUES Working alongside other people who know the venue inside out is great because everyone has a wealth of experience from all aspects of the event industry. Our staff who set the rooms check that each guest can see the screen from their individual seats in a crowd of 500. Our chefs create beautifully presented dishes, bespoke menus and gala dinners for events of all sizes. The sales team work in tandem with the entire stadium to work out the logistics of placing events in the ideal spaces for each client. It is great to work with so many skilled and capable members of staff.

I am happy to have settled in here and I can give insights from past experience and current trends to clients to help them see what they can achieve by holding their event at Aviva Stadium"

If you'd like to hear more from Sarah and her experiences, please contact her on: 

Sarah Cullen

Sales Executive

DD: +353 1 238 2320


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